Pictures of Spice....  

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Here are some pictures of me and Spice. Spice is such a sweet companion!
I love to hold Spice, I never really could hold Kolo since she was a puppy,
Kolo out-weighs Spice by at least 20 pounds,which puts her at...48 pounds.

As you can see, they Love to eat.
The dogs were not looking at the camera in this picture, usually they are.
I really like the smiles Kolo and Spice have!
And to all of you who wonder, I haven't even started Spices agility training yet, though she did go through the tunnel a few times.

My Birthday Pictures....  

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I decided to do a wild animal theme this year, Momma took me to Target to pick out the animals. I thought that African animals would do good because I have always wanted to go to Africa, but until then, I study its animals.
Then, when we got home, we made the cake then frosted it. I had decided that I wanted it to be a surprise when Moma finished it, but couldn't stay away from the cake.

Just in case you can't see all the animals, this is a better view of the cake.

My mom does a real good job frosting cakes. Here is a picture of Emily's birthday cake Momma did also....

I really like it. I really like the flowers on the bottom of the cake! They are so cute!

My birthday pictures.....  

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This was the day before we celebrated my birthday. We went to look at the dogs at Petsmart. I love going there on Saturdays, because they have different rescues there with a lot of different dogs.

It has been raining almost all day for about three days now, of course just every now and then. When it is not raining it is mostly cloudy.

Well, here are the pictures from Saturday,

I love Natalie's smile!

Natalie insisted upon having her Baby sitting for the picture too,

I hope you enjoy them!
Well, that is all for now, I will probably be posting some more pictures from my birthday party and my agility soon.

Pictures of My Dog Kolo....  

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Here are some pictures of one of my dogs, Kolo(and of course, me!:)....enjoy!!!!

I like this one a lot....

This is undoubtedly my favorite!!!!

Hello fellow bloggers!  

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This is my first blog. My sister created this blog for my birthday, and I am very excited to start putting up some posts.

I am going to use this blog as my agility blog, so I will probably be updating it frequently.

So far I have 2 dogs, Kolo and Spice, but I am only doing agility with one which is Spice.

Welcome To Kolo and Spice  

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A blog lovingly created for Rebekah Van Meter by her sister Sara, for her 13Th birthday.